About us

In 1998, on a rainy day, sorry it was a sunny day, so on that day the company was established. At the beginning as youngsters we were selling tuning parts that we produced, sport exhausts and sport air filters.

After several years we expanded our portfolio and started to distribute premium aftermarket brands accross the country.

The development was continuous starting cooperation with new suppliers and customers internationally making our team bigger hiring professionals from the leading automotive organizations.

Presently we are located in Budapest, the capital of Hungary which is an advantageous location for the product flow being in the middle of the regions of Europe.

Nowadays we are handling local distribution, international trading and external supply chain- and product management for many leading automotive spare parts distributors worldwide.

In the era of the consolidation of the aftermarket the priority of the market players is to focus on their profitability. The spread of the price transparency - due to the expansion of the e-commerce - limits the sales prices, therefore the multi-sourcing is just more important than ever in every sector. The big fishes would like to fulfill their ambitious plans and reach the goals of their shareholders, the smaller organizations would like to survive or even develop in the shadow of the continuously growing market leaders and all of these intentions require certain steps in the world of the alternative trading.

We are here to serve you, your goal is achievable with us.

Of course it is not only about prices but also about availability, service level, lead time, stock level, regularity and timing, and these concepts hardly go together in general. The solution is to work with professionals who are specialized in this field having deep knowledge and wide connections to provide the special circumstances and business environment to the partners from the beginning of the cooperation that they can use for the optimization of their activity and financial situation.

Our partners can count on our confidential way of working and on that outstanding and unique purchase and sales power that the network of us represent, that makes the cooperation with us special and really potentious.

We are continuously looking for new partners, suppliers and customers as well to help their businesses taking it to the next level.